Veterinary Hospital of New Waverly - Supporting Healthy Animals

Pet Services


  • BATHING - Our cleansing baths remove dirt, debris and that doggie pet odor – your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. If scratching is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that stop the itching.
  • BOARDING - Pets are like our children – we feed, nurture and lavish attention on them. Our highly qualified kennel attendants do the same when you can’t be there. We provide tender loving care, and outdoor playtime to keep them happy and active.
  • DENTAL CARE - Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet’s teeth. We begin with full mouth digital dental radiographs for more thorough evaluation.  We use modern and safe ultrasonic scaling to clean each tooth thoroughly – above and below the gum line. Our certified dental technician polishes teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup. Fluoride treatments help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • EMERGENCY AND CRITICAL CARE - In any emergency, seconds count. Our experienced staff is equipped to administer the ABCs of basic life support – Airway, Breathing, Circulation/Cardiac compressions. Emergency care is offered during regular business hours and after hours. In addition, we use the services of a local, fully staffed emergency center.
  • EQUINE - We take care of your horse(s), including lameness exams, pre-purchase exams, dentals, colic treatment/hospitalization, breeding, and farm calls.
  • FULLY STOCKED PHARMACY - We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field. Our clients also have the opportunity to utilize our on-line pharmacy to obtain their prescriptions.
  • HOSPICE/EUTHANASIA SERVICES - Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. We work with clients to ensure their pet’s comfort and dignity. Services include taking care of the remains as directed by the client.  We provide at home euthanasia as well as in clinic.
  • HOUSE CALLS - Our mobile health unit responds to house calls if you are unable to bring your horse or pet to the clinic.
  • IMMUNIZATION AND WELLNESS CARE - We strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in Wellness programs has rewards for both pets and owners. Our Wellness programs are designed specifically for your pet and include: Comprehensive physical exam; internal parasite testing; heartworm and flea control; vaccination program; spay and neuter package; and specialized blood tests for all life stages.
  • INTERNAL MEDICINE - We cover all areas of internal medicine, including: Cardiology; Ophthalmology; Neurology; Dermatology; Gastroenterology; Oncology; Endocrinology; among others.
  • LASER THERAPY - Our laser therapy capabilities allow us to provide the most cutting edge laser technology that is applicable to a wide variety of uses in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • MICROCHIPPING - Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. We offer the most widely used microchip products to increase the chances of a safe recovery.
  • NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING - Some pets require special food, and all pets benefit from a balanced diet. Our trained and certified staff is available to help you choose the right diet for your pet to keep him or her happy, healthy and active.
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT - Veterinary patients feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do. We know that recognizing and alleviating pain in animals is the essence of good patient care.
  • RADIOLOGY - Radiology – or X-rays – help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular(cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. We use the latest in digital radiology to improve detail and efficiency.
  • SURGERY - We offer advanced surgical techniques and technology. All patients are carefully screened for safety, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet. Surgical services and facilities include: board certified surgeon available for consultation; fully trained veterinary and technical staff, to ensure the safest, most efficient, state-of-the-art procedures for your pet; heated surgery tables for greater comfort; advanced sterilization techniques; ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation monitors; intensive after surgery care and full blood testing.
  • ULTRASOUND - This non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology uses sound waves to painlessly examine specific internal organs and structures. We have a boarded ultra stenographer available by appointment only.